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Getting Rid of Decimals with INT() and TRUNC()

To get rid of all decimal places without regard to their value, use the INT() function (short for integer). This function takes one argument, the value, and returns whatever is to the left of the decimal point.

To get rid of some decimal places without and rounding, use TRUNC(), which is short of truncate. It takes two arguments: the value and the number of decimal places. Whatever is to the right of the specified decimal location is simply discarded. For example, =TRUNC(12.119999, 2) evaluates to 12.11.

If you pass a negative value for the second argument, you can "truncate" to the left of the decimal point. You’re not really truncating, but simply converting the specified digits to 0, as shown here:

  • =TRUNC(1234.56, -1) evaluates to 1230.
  • =TRUNC(1234.56, -2) evaluates to 1200.

With these seven functions in your Excel arsenal, you’ll be able to solve any rounding task that comes your way.

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