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Managing Your RAID 1 Array in Windows XP

In Windows, your RAID 1 hard drive array appears to you as a single hard drive. You are abstracted from the data duplication that is actually occurring behind the scenes. You need to install the RAID Management Software (shown in Figure 9) that ships on the Adaptec 1200A Installation CD.

Although you created your disk array by using the Adaptec BIOS Configuration utility, you did not duplicate the data between the drives. To ensure data consistency, you need to do this. From the Adaptec ATA RAID Manager you installed, make sure that the RAID array you created in BIOS is selected and go to Configuration>Monitor>Duplicate, as shown in Figure 10.

The duplication process can be a bit time-consuming as the data is duplicated between your two hard drives (see Figure 11).

After the duplication process is done, you see a message that says the mirroring process has completed (see Figure 12).

It is at this point that you can begin using your multiple hard drives as one mirrored hard drive. You can forget the fact that you are using a RAID 1 array, until (ominous sounding music sounds) one of your disks fails.

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