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Physical Setup

The physical setup of the hard drives with the Adaptec RAID controller is pretty straightforward. Set both hard drives as master by changing a jumper setting on your hard drive. The jumper setting varies depending on your hard drive manufacturer and model, so refer to your hard drive's manual.

Next, hook up both hard drives to the RAID controller using the IDE cables provided with the controller as shown in Figure 1.

Plug in the controller to an open PCI slot on your motherboard, as shown in Figure 2.

Boot up your PC and go into your BIOS setup. Change your boot device to Adaptec ATA, as shown in Figure 3.

Restart your computer and press Ctrl+H to go into the Adaptec BIOS Array Configuration Utility. Here you need to create an array using the Create Array option, as shown in Figure 4.

When you create your array, you are asked to specify an array mode. Choose an Array mode of RAID 1 (Mirroring). After specifying the Array mode, you are presented with a Create RAID screen. Here, you need to specify which hard drives will be participating in your array by selecting the Select Disk Drive option. After specifying your participant hard drives, choose the Start Creation Process menu item from the Create RAID screen. From the subsequent screen, choose the Create Only option (see Figure 5).

Before leaving the Adaptec BIOS Array Configuration Utility, you need to specify a boot disk from your hard disks attached to the ATA RAID 1200A. Do this by using the Select Boot Disk option of the Main menu. Specify the drive connected to your Primary Master Channel as your boot disk.

Finally, pop your Windows XP setup disk into the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive and boot up off of the Windows setup disk.

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