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  • The official website for SAX.
  • SAX has recently switched over to the SourceForge project infrastructure. The intent is to continue the open development and maintenance process for SAX.
  • SAX is not just for Java. Many languages support SAX parsing of XML.
  • The J2SE 1.4 platform supported the DOM Level 2 API. The J2SE 5.0 platform supports the DOM Level 3 family of APIs. New methods have been added to DOM Level 3 interfaces, so some existing applications using DOM Level 2 won’t be able to compile with the new interfaces. Many DOM Level 2 applications will run if DOM Level 3 is substituted for DOM Level 2 in the class path; however, a small number will encounter a NoSuchMethodException. Therefore, some applications won’t have binary compatibility. For more details, see the JAXP Compatibility Guide for the J2SE 5 Platform.


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