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The Future of Online Backups

The biggest thing missing right now from online backups is a really solid business solution. There are a few companies that cater to businesses, but the solutions are still a little rough around the edges. What is needed is a box you can stick at the edge of your network, which pulls all the files down, encrypts them, and then streams them offsite. This local server would effectively be a local backup of all the files and would act as a cache between your office and the offsite team.

Several companies in the industry are heading down this path, but it won’t be until the end of the year (at the earliest) until they are ready for primetime. In the meantime, online backups will continue to increase in storage capacity, network speeds will continue to increase, and the quality of services will only go up.

I highly recommend finding a solution now that will protect you and being aware of the market so you can find the ideal solution when it finally comes out.

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