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Additional Reading


  • A good place to start with SVG is the Mozilla SVG FAQ.
  • The W3C also maintains an excellent SVG web site.
  • If you’re thinking about writing SVG, check out Jonathan Watt’s SVG authoring guidelines. Your SVG will have a much better chance of working in all SVG implementations if you follow Jonathan’s advice.
  • For a general jumpstart on SVG, check out the SVG wiki and visit the SVG section of the Mozilla Developer Center.
  • For general SVG questions, consult the mailing list archive for the W3 (www-svg@w3.org). Another useful and very busy newsgroup/mailing list may be found at svg-developers@yahoo.com (archived here).
  • Adobe Illustrator supports SVG as an output file type, and anything that can be drawn in Illustrator can be rendered in SVG (with some pretty long paths, as you might expect).


  • W3 Schools is a great place to learn the fundamentals of DTDs as well as all things XML.
  • For a more advanced article about how to send binary data using the CDATA section of XML, check out this IBM developerWorks article.
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