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Making Information Hard to Find

Basic information about your company—name, contact information, what you do/sell—should be on the home page or at most one click away, and easy to find from well-labeled main-page links. I’m talking about your company’s full name. Most customers don’t care about this, but if I’m writing about your company, you should care that I get the full name correct. Make it easy for me to determine which is actually your company’s name:

  • Blivits
  • Blivits Corporation
  • Blivits Inc.
  • Blivits, Inc.
  • Blivits Ltd.

Ideally, this information should be in the title bar and/or at the bottom of every web page. Failing that, the About Us page should start with the full name of the company.

Similarly, tell me what your company does/makes—and do it quickly, clearly, and tersely. One sentence. Two at most. For example, "Blivits Ltd. makes Linux-based jaunting appliances for small, remote, and branch offices." If I want a four-paragraph essay on the history and philosophy of your company, I’ll look for a link like History or Our Philosophy. The About Us page should display only a succinct statement of what your company is or does.

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