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A Service Queue in the NMS

Listing 2 shows a queue element type and a class interface that provides a simple queue.

Listing 2 Queue Type and Class

struct QueueElement
  char* requiredOperation;
  QueueElement* nextQueueElement;
typedef QueueElement* QueueElementPtr;

class NMSServiceQueue
  explicit NMSServiceQueue(void);
  virtual ~NMSServiceQueue(void);
  void add(QueueElementPtr serviceRequest);
  const QueueElementPtr remove(void);
  void examineQueue(void);
  bool queueIsEmpty() const;

  QueueElementPtr startOfQueue;
  QueueElementPtr endOfQueue;

Listing 2 shows a queue data type and a class for manipulating data structures made up of a queue instance. The queue allows for elements to be added at one end and removed at the opposite end.

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