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Putting It All Together

Let’s now put the code together and show the lifecycle of a service request from our old friend Figure 2. As Listing 5 shows, we have a service request called "Enable Link 1", which is stored in a character array. Next, I create an instance of the class NMSServiceQueue to which I add my service request. Then I call the member function examineQueue() to look at the contents of the queue. I then call remove() to extract an item from the queue. It’s at this point that I would service the associated request. After this, I clean up by deleting the service request.

Listing 5 Service Request from Start to Finish

  char serviceRequest1[] = "Enable Link 1";
  NMSServiceQueue* aServiceQueue = new NMSServiceQueue();

  // Let’s now create our service request
  // Our service request is now queued up ready for execution

  // Let’s get the service request out of the queue
  QueueElementPtr anOperation = aServiceQueue->remove();
  if (anOperation)
   printf("Removed a queue element: %s\n", anOperation->requiredOperation);

  // Code here to execute the service request
  // We’ve executed the service request, let’s free up the resources
  delete anOperation->requiredOperation;
  delete anOperation;

That’s the full cycle of operations! Let’s now briefly consider the queue structure in a little more detail.

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