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The Future of Collaborative Software

Teams are changing. Businesses are changing. Now, and in the near future, they’re going to be looking for applications and tools that help their teams to stay connected. Document sharing, task management, time management, project management, and calendaring are all key components of this change.

Each of the applications highlighted in this article is "fourth generation." The first version was a clunky desktop app, the second a better desktop app, the third a clunky web-based app, and the current version is the fourth generation. What will the fifth generation hold? Hopefully, a continued focus on "simple," while also creating powerful-enough tools that teams don’t need to completely cede control or completely relearn how they want to do things.

Beyond that, though, Jason Fried from 37signals has it right: "People hurt themselves far more than other people hurt them, especially when it comes to using software. Don’t look at features. Look at benefits for you. Figure out what works for you."

As long as your business continues to strive for the best solutions for you, solution providers like 37signals and Central Desktop will continue to do their best to give you what you really need.

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