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As I said at the start, the simplest solution would be a buy a new, bigger monitor. Given the headaches I’ve had so far, that’s clearly the case. But the realities of your desk space—distance to wall, whether you can position several monitors conveniently, etc.—may also rule out this possibility.

Having two screens to work with was cool, and seemed to be helpful...but things haven’t yet stayed working long enough for me to validate my "this will make me more productive" theory. I’m still pretty sure it will, and I’ve had fun researching, learning, and trying things out.

If you’re curious, but cautious about risking your production system, you might try a new video card on a spare system, or try using the "computer as monitor" software there. If you just have a second display, consider a Matrox DualHead2Go.

Or you may decide that a lower-end larger flat-panel is the best short-term and midterm workaround.

Daniel P. Dern is a freelance technology writer who currently has two 17-inch CRTs on his desk, and another four or five in the basement. His web site is http://www.dern.com.

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