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Where Are You?

You might like your work but not love it. You could be one of the 75 percent who responded to a Forbes poll as being “unfulfilled” and “unhappy” with their jobs. You could be one of the roughly 30 percent who responded in outright negative terms—”I hate my job . . . If it weren’t for the paycheck, I’d leave tomorrow.” You might be living the worst possible atrocity: relegating your own needs beyond the back burner to work an unhappy job to survive in a jungle of terms you dislike and can’t control. Worst of all, there isn’t an off ramp or even a signpost on the horizon, and your spiritual gas tank’s warning light is starting to flicker. Don’t you ever just want to murmur, declare, or scream at the world, “Stop, I’m getting off!”?

So... what is holding you back?

Why are you hesitant to change, try something new and possibly different, figure out what really lights your happy lamp, and then work like a campaigning politician to make it burn? Isn’t success simply loving your work and life with the same degree of passion?

I’d like to share a story that highlights why you should start thinking about these questions and how they might start to impact your journey . . . NOW!

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