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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using DataPilot to Import and Manipulate Information from Databases Created with Other Software

Another feature of OOo Calc is the DataPilot. You can summarize your data and then arrange it so that you view only the data you need. It works like Microsoft Excel’s Pivot Table. However, DataPilot has limitations. For one thing, it has no PivotChart feature. Also, you cannot have more than eight fields in the data, row, or column areas. However, you can use the data you already have to make a simple summary.

Going back to the sample table, let’s make a summary showing only the Last, Sales, Incentive, and Remarks columns.

Select Data > DataPilot > Start. This automatically highlights your data.

Figure 9.18

Figure 9.18 The DataPilot menu option.

The Select Source box appears. Choose Current selection and click OK.

Figure 9.19

Figure 9.19 The Select Source box.

You now see the DataPilot options box. Place the fields you want to include in your summary in the desired box. In this case, you want only Last, Sales, Incentive, and Remarks. In the Results to box, choose new sheet and click OK.

Figure 9.20

Figure 9.20 The DataPilot options box.

The summary is placed in a new worksheet. Now you can view only the data you need.

Figure 9.21

Figure 9.21 Sample output from DataPilot.

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