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Xbox 360 Exposed

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Like this article? We recommend

Needed: Security Torx T8 driver*

*You don't need a security torx driver. If you are a bit, uh, daring (i.e. destructive), you can break the pin in the center out of the screw and turn it into a regular torx screw. The choice is yours.

The wireless controller is an "optional" must for the Xbox 360. Gone are the days where you have to deal with wires and the limits that come with them. Given the added features of the controller, we decided to purchase one and take it apart for your enjoyment in addition to the core system.

  1. Remove battery case.

  2. Locate and remove all seven torx screws as per Figure 14.

  3. Figure 14

    Figure 14 Location of screws for wireless controller

  4. Flip the controller over on its top and lift the bottom of the controller from the top. This will keep all the buttons/plastic pieces in place.

    Note: The FCC ID is listed at the indicated location. Eventually this ID will be listed at the FCC's website where you will be able to look up manufacturer specs on this controller that are required by the FCC in order to allow production/release.

  5. Snap off the grey plastic piece as indicated on Figure 15.

  6. Figure 15

    Figure 15 Inside the controller

  7. Lift the circuit board slowly paying close attention to the battery springs.

  8. Disconnect the rumble motors (be careful as these connectors are that strong and might pull out).

  9. Locate the silver processor cover and pry the catches carefully to lift the cover off. Figure 16 provides a shot of what it looks like under that cover (minus a useless support guard we snipped out).

Figure 16

Figure 16 Deep inside the controller

Processor Codes/RF Crystal/FCC ID:

Controller P1: Microsoft X801997003 2S0536RF
Controller P2: MS VM56RU 8019901
RF Crystal: CMT-GJAXN5

Reassembly Instructions:

  1. Replace silver cover. It easily snaps back into place.

  2. Reconnect the rumble motors (for fun you could swap them?).

  3. Flip controller circuit board over with joysticks on top and insert the battery springs into slots while pressing trigger buttons.

  4. Place rumble motors in place.

  5. Replace grey plastic separator piece.

  6. Carefully flip the bottom of the controller over onto top and lay the rumble motors in their respective guides. Everything should fit snugly and smoothly with no force.

  7. Reinsert screws and test it!

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