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The Value of Delayed Gratification

As you launch your career, sometimes the ideal job for you will not be the one that pays the best or has the most "bragging rights" among your friends, family, and peers. You may choose to work for a low salary today because you will gain valuable experience that will lead to a higher salary later. As a younger person, you can make that trade-off because, presumably, your financial burdens are less than they will be when you are 35 or 45.

The question to ask yourself now is, can you delay gratification—particularly if it means going without a new car for another year or two or living at home instead of on your own—to establish a better future? Would you choose a job where you can make a greater contribution over one that seems more impressive? What if the payoff for delaying gratification turns out to be a highly strategic move for your future? That would make that less-than-glamorous job more appealing, wouldn’t it?

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