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Like this article? We recommend

VB 2005 Trumps VB 6

There are many excellent features in Visual Basic 2005. It's a major improvement over VB 2002 and 2003—and, yes, it is a real improvement over VB 6:

  • Online help and training help you master the .NET Framework, including excellent information on making your application secure.
  • A wide variety of controls are available for building today's complex application interfaces.
  • Form Designer makes rapid application development, well, rapid.
  • You get an easy way to merge sample code into your app, with clear pointers on what items to change.

You'll have a blast with this version, and while you're doing it, you'll have the My object's set of Framework shortcuts that your C Sharpie friends only wish they had.

In fact, I believe that you'll find VB 2005 every bit as revolutionary as VB 6 was in its day. The improved installation process, the new controls, the huge improvement in online help, the improved web development tools all seem to mirror the big changes VB 6 brought us.

In short, you'll learn faster, design faster, code faster, and make money faster than you will staying with your old versions. If you'll excuse me now, it's time to code.

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