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The Internet Debate

Video on Demand has been technically possible over the Internet for years. An example of this is QuickTime.com where you can watch movie trailers, music videos, and more.

But the challenge that the internet faces with Video On Demand is not about the technology. It's the culture.

When I want to watch a movie at home I generally grab a beer, the remote, and then collapse into my favorite armchair (yeah, I'm getting old enough where this is a high priority in my life). After I'm in position, I may exert enough energy to change channels or press play (on my remote) to start the DVD. Finally, I sit back and watch the movie. I might even close my eyes to just listen—other words, I am relaxed and zoning out.

On the other hand, when I'm surfing the Internet I am engaged and "in the zone." I am clicking and typing and doing all sorts of "thinking" type things.

This is the conundrum. The Internet is inherently interactive and regular TV is inherently passive. Watching a movie on the computer just does not work.

What works for the Internet is choice, technology, and availability. What needs to happen next is the ability to have all this while I sit in my La-Z-Boy with remote in one hand and Miller in the other.

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