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Adjusting the Cache Settings

By default, the Universal Group Membership cache is refreshed every eight hours (480 minutes), as I previously mentioned. If you don't like that setting, you can modify the Windows registry setting that controls this default. This setting is located under the following registry path:


The following DWORD values allow you to adjust Universal Group Membership Caching functions:

  • Cached Membership Refresh Interval. This setting configures how many minutes elapse before the cache is refreshed from the global catalog.
  • Cached Membership Staleness. This setting configures how long (in minutes) the cached universal group membership information can be used before an update is required. The default setting is one week (10080 minutes).
  • Cached Membership Refresh Limit. This value limits the number of accounts that can be refreshed during a refresh cycle. By default, the setting is 500. If you need to increase this setting, consider whether the size of the site justifies having its own global catalog server.
  • Cached Membership Site Stickiness. This value specifies the maximum amount of time (in minutes) that an account's universal group membership can be refreshed automatically without the account having to log on in the site. The default is 129,600 minutes (90 days), which is half the value of the account's site affinity setting—180 days, by default. If the account has not logged on for 90 days, the universal group membership status of the account must be updated the next time the account logs on.
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