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Select the Right Project Manager

More often than not, companies attempting dual-shore strategies fail because they pick the wrong project managers. New projects strategically tied to company growth necessitate talented (and experienced) employees who think globally.

How do best-practice firms select these project leaders? Initially, they take a practical approach that doesn't depend solely on the HR department. Instead of having HR choose candidates, managers should ask for volunteers from their own team first, interview them (even if they already work for you), and select ideal individuals with demonstrated track records. Even though HR is an integral part of the selection process, it's the business leader's job to choose the project managers.

The individuals selected should grasp their company's strategic growth or cost-management visions and be able to translate them to others. Former nationals of the vendor country pose a good starting point. These employees may be naturalized citizens who have absorbed the company culture and values and want to return to their native country for a short-term engagement.

Dell, American Express, P&G, and Intel increasingly are incorporating global project management into their career-growth processes. Based on their experience with dual- and multi-shore project management, they realize that the new generation of global project leaders will become their most important differentiator in the globally competitive marketplace.

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