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Provide Proper Training

Whether companies are implementing a captive center or utilizing a third-party vendor, training employees is a critical component of dual-shore management. Conduct knowledge transfer that includes coding standards, product architecture, special tools, and hardware and software environments.

Depending on the project scope, different levels of training are needed. Although most companies focus on the technical training, don't forget the other types of training that must also occur:

  • Technical training. How to use tools, applications, or proprietary software.
  • Process training. How to handle technical support calls and follow escalation procedures.
  • Company-specific training. How to achieve brand-specific messaging and consistent interactions with high-value customers.
  • Responsibility based training. How to train people based on their roles. For example, IT architects need training in listening to business users.

Utilizing offshore resources translates to additional training. For example, employees in the United States understand the U.S. healthcare system, such as HMOs and co-pays, even if they don't work in the industry. This basic understanding of the U.S. healthcare system cannot be expected from offshore resources. Therefore, if you're outsourcing the development of a healthcare application to India, basic education about the U.S. healthcare system will need to occur before the Indian IT professionals can start.

A formal training process is exceedingly important. Businesses that build captive centers have to implement a training management process, while organizations that outsource to third-party vendors have to review the vendors' existing training processes. It also helps to document what training is essential for supporting the outsourced processes, so companies can check that vendors' employees are receiving proper training.

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