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The major advantage of MIMO-based solutions over existing standard or enhanced 802.11g-based wireless networks is the combination of increased range and faster throughput at a given distance. If your home or office has 'dead spots' with little or no signal strength, switching to MIMO-enabled routers and network adapters can solve the problem.

However, upgrading both ends of your wireless network is an expensive proposition. If most stations on your network have acceptable speed, consider a MIMO-based network adapter for a station with low signal strength or throughput, preferably one that has tested well with your existing router. If you use laptops at various locations in your home and office and find that signal strength and throughput drops consistently as you move further away from the router, consider a MIMO-based router, preferably one that has tested well with your existing network adapters.

If you decide to take a 'mix-and-match' approach to improving wireless network range and performance, you are likely to see the best results if you use Super G with MIMO products with Super G or Super AG products, and True MIMO products with other standard or enhanced 802.11g products.

For Further Research

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Check out the Video54 website to learn more about BeamFlex: http://www.video54.com

Drop by the Atheros Communications website to discover the AR5005VL's advantages: http://www.atheros.com

Technology Comparisons

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