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You Can Take It With You

With the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots, and using the setup described in this article, you can easily pay a house call on your home machine using software that already exists on both your Windows XP computer and your wireless Handheld PC or Pocket PC device.

Though the Windows XP Remote Desktop allows you to create a session with your Windows XP machine that is much faster than a VNC connection, this kind of remote connection is not a pixel-to-pixel representation of what you would see on your screen if you were in front of it, unlike the experience that programs such as GoToMyPC and VNC provide. With this in mind, understand that a Remote Desktop session from your handheld device might fit your personal remote connectivity needs or it may not, but it's worthwhile to try it out and put it to the test.

Using Remote Desktop, you can have remote access to the applications that reside on your host computer. Which applications can you access? Well, that is only limited to the applications that reside on your host computer. Imagine being able to view your e-mail and spreadsheets remotely, or open up your integrated development environment (IDE) to program an application remotely—Remote Desktop makes all this possible.

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