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What's the Least I Can Get Away With?

A little bit of honesty. After you have read this chapter, ask yourself:

  • Does the product I am about to build add value to the organization?
  • How do I know it will add value?
  • Does my project contribute to the overall goals of the organization?
  • Is the project worth investing in? Does it create a product that has significant competitiveness for a high-worth work area?
  • Do I know what it costs to discover the requirements?
  • How do I know the costs? (If you are guessing, then you are doing less than the "least you can get away with.")
  • What is my break-even point—when the cost of reworking the product is less than the cost of investing more in the requirements?
  • What return do we expect on the investment, and when?
  • Have I honestly considered the risks associated with this project?
  • Are there any risks that require some preventive actions?
  • Do we already have some requirements that are reusable by this project?

These questions may seem obvious, but to start a project without having satisfactory answers for all of them is flirting with alligators.

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