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  3. Listening to Your Broadcast
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Listening to Your Broadcast

At this point, you are ready to realize the fruits of your configuration labors. To connect to another workstation from within your intranet setup, simply fire up your Winamp player software and choose File, Play URL. Enter the URL to your SHOUTcast server you just configured (see Figure 18). This will be in the following form:

http://<your SHOUTcast server IP address>:<your SHOUTcast server PORT>

Using the values from in this article, combined with the fact that my SHOUTcast server machine has an IP address of, I would have this URL: 
as entered in the figure below.
Figure 18

Figure 18 Entering the URL of the SHOUTcast server.

When you click Open, after a short delay, you should start hearing the MP3 you are playing on your server machine.

Back on the server side, the SHOUTcast Server Monitor reports to you that a client has connected by informing you about the IP address of that client. In the lower-right corner of the monitor, the number jumps from 0/15 to 1/15, signifying to you that you have 1 client listening out of the possible 15 you allowed (see Figure 20). This number increases and decreases as more clients listen and stop listening to your broadcast stream.

Figure 20

Figure 20 Examining updates to the SHOUTcast Server Monitor.

To have your fans listen to your broadcasts on the Internet, you simply need to replace the IP address you used earlier with your external IP address. You can get this from http://www.whatismyip.com/. At the time of this writing, my IP address is

Figure 21

Figure 21 Getting your external IP address.

Now that you know your external IP address, you can tell your friends what URL to load in their Winamp player to listen to your deejay broadcasts. You can even use the setup described in this article to queue up a long playlist and listen to your favorite MP3s while away from your home machine.

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