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Add Words and a Picture...

Close any preview pages still open on your desktop and open your content document home page (the index.html file).

In those two side-by-side cells, insert a photograph or drawing in the right cell and text in the left. For a placeholder, you can copy-and-paste your temporary message over and over, or type anything you like. Enter additional text in the cell that runs under the split cell, so that the end result looks something like the example in Figure 5. Save the design with your placeholders so that you can use it to see approximately what your final work will look like.

Figure 5

Figure 5 The finished web site.

When you preview your files, if you can't get them to look exactly as you like, you can tweak the HTML code directly; choose View, HTML Source. The Edit, Find command in Word can take you right to the bit of text where the problem exists, and sometimes it can be fixed more easily in the source code. Of course, source code can also be a bit overwhelming if you're not used to it, but it's worth giving a glance for persistent problems. Just remember to preview to see if the problem's fixed. If things are worse, you can always use Ctrl+Z to undo anything you just did!

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