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Menu and Hyperlinks

It's time to create menu items. Begin by typing Home in the first cell. Next, fill in the other five slots beneath it with the names of your other pages. For example, let's say you're building a site for your new tea shop. In addition to an inviting home page, you intend to build a page about special parties, one that talks about the food you serve, another on teas and why you chose the ones you sell, a page for special offers, and a final page with directions to your shop. When you type them, they might look something like Figure 4.

Figure 4

Figure 4 Example of a menu table.

As you enter these items—or whatever topics you choose—in the left table, use a simple font made for the web, such as Verdana, and make the text big enough so that it can be read easily without overwhelming the page. Add color if you like. I made mine maroon, bold, 10-point Verdana—but Verdana is a large font, and if you prefer Arial or some other choice, you'll probably want to select a larger point size.

Now you need to link these menu items to the other pages on your site. This method will not only link all your pages, but set up the remainder of your file structure at the same time:

  1. Select your first menu item, Home.
  2. Choose Insert, Hyperlink and then click Create New Document, choosing to edit the page later.
  3. Type the name of your first document, naming it index.html. Be sure to include the html extension and save to the webdev folder.

You could also highlight each menu item and insert a hyperlink to an existing document, another place in your current document, or an email address, but this method will complete the site architecture.

Do the same with each menu item, naming the page something easy to remember and using only lowercase letters with no spaces. In this case, I'd have the filenames echo the menu listings.

Now you should have one master page that has your banner and a menu in which all the menu items are properly linked. It's time to look at your work.

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