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Using Your USP To Acquire Customers

A well-defined USP is very important to your customer acquisition strategy. Without it, your web site search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) program will fall far short of optimum.

Search engine optimization of your web site is highly dependent on focused keywords that describe your business, product, or service. A tight USP helps you choose those keywords. Your site's meta tags, page title, page description, and keywords should all be derived from your USP.

A well-defined USP becomes invaluable when running a search engine marketing program. The small ads that a company bids on require a knowledge of the company offer that must be explained in as little as 90 characters or less for an ad title and 180 characters or less for an ad description. You can readily see why a clear and compact USP is necessary for a well-planned SEM campaign.

Here's another reason for a well-defined USP: If you want to create and run an affiliate program—in which other sites offer your product or service to their site visitors—your USP can help greatly in choosing the proper sites to recruit as affiliates.

A good USP also defines the type of customer you want. This information can be used when finding the right mailing lists to rent to promote your company.

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