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What's in the Book

This article is comprised of tips from my book, White Collar Slacker's Handbook: Tech Tricks to Fool Your Boss. There's lost more in there, of course, so here's a small taste of some other tricks from the chapters that were excerpted for this article.

Chapter One

Some of the things you can learn in the first chapter include the following:

  • If you know you won't make it into work, forward your email to a handheld device or home-based email account — and reply as if you were at the office.
  • Changing the time on your PC before sending an email to "prove" you emailed it when you said you did.
  • If you don't want to face the music about something, reply with a doctored "automatic out-of-office reply" message. Also, sending "fake" documents to your boss to buy you some extra time on a project

Chapter Two

Among other things, the second chapter shows you how to:

  • Fix your IM software so you can step out for that three-hour lunch and no one can keep tabs on you.
  • Log into your office IM program before you leave home so it looks like you're already in the office!
  • Edit existing "away" messages (or create new ones) so no one knows the real reason why you haven't answered your IM messages all morning
  • Tweak your IM settings to make it look like you're at an important offsite meeting.
  • Forward your IM messages to your cell phone so you can stay on the move without missing a single IM.

Chapter Four

In Chapter 4, find out how to:

  • Edit your BlackBerry messages to make it look like you're in your cubicle like you should be!
  • Forward your office phone number to a handheld device so that your customers or clients think you're diligently plugging away at the office.
  • Copy an entire DVD over to your PDA or cell phone so you can watch Office Space while in your office space.
  • Or how about faking an incoming phone call so that you can get out of a meeting?
  • Learn how to play sound effects on your cell phone so your boss thinks you're stuck on the freeway when you're really just running into the shower!

Chapter Five

Dozens of sneaky slacking ideas will fill your head in Chapter 5, where the focus in numerous PC programs that can hide your laziness or make your look ultra-productive (or both).

Some of the lessons in this chapter are as follows:

  • Don't you love all those online games that can help you slack the day away? Learn how you can hit the "panic button" when the boss walks by so that you can continue your game, or other slacking activity, when he or she is around the corner.
  • Worried that the boss might be snooping around in your browser history to check up on you? You can get rid of any trace of where you've been online, what files you had open, and more.
  • Want to avoid any other possible clues to your daily slacking activity? Learn how to duck and cover by hiding your taskbar, using fake screensavers, playing work "noise" through your PC's speakers, and running fake installation programs that all make you seem like you're the office "go getter."
  • Find out how to encrypt select files and folders so that your boss or co-workers can't access them.
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