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Using the Wipeout Browser

At this point your settings should be ready. Your next step is to start up Wipeout Pure. Once the game loads, select 'DOWNLOAD' from the Main Menu. This will prompt you with a warning that your 'Game experience may change during wireless play', which is interesting because there is nothing to be found at the default Wipeout site. Regardless of this, select the OK option, then select your newly created connection and let the PSP do its thing!

If everything is working, you should see a screen similar to Figure 6. You may also want to take a look at Charles screen to see what happened behind the scenes while you were watching the PSP. Note in Figure 7 that the URL field states the requested address, but the Remote Address field shows the actual server address. If your web browser loaded the wrong page, use Charles to help troubleshoot what went wrong. The four tabs across the top of the window can help you narrow down the problem.

Figure 6

Figure 6: PSP Browser showing us Hello!

Figure 7

Figure 7: Screen shot of Charles in action.

Getting around in the Wipeout browser is fairly simple. The following breaks down the buttons and what they can do:

L trigger: Back

R trigger: Forward

Left side controls: Controls the selected item on the screen

Square: Refresh

X: Enter

Start: Browser menu (Continue, Go to Home Page, Quit)

It is important to note that surfing on the PSP is not fast or as feature rich as it is on a PC browser. In fact, you will notice extreme lag times and problems when attempting to download large files. Disconnects and PSP freezes are not uncommon, and will require a reboot of the PSP to recover. I have even had to remove my PSP battery to get back up and running.

I also noted that the browser could only download a 349999 byte file. If it attempted to download a 350k file, it would reset the download process and try again. Without really delving into the problem, I would guess that there is a memory issue. Seeing how the device is limited in memory, and there is no cache to fill up, I suspect there is a limit as to how much this browser can handle.

Graphically, you will find the browser adequate to get around. This is not quite lynx, but it could be improved upon. Figure 8 is a screen shot of Informit.com in all its glory. Note the text links and the form fields.

Figure 8

Figure 8: Wipeout browser meets Informit.com

The next step you should take is to create your own home page. You can use your own web browsing skills to create hyperlinks, a form, or use JavaScript for some basic programs. This is exactly what we tried next because we hate the fact that the PSP does not have a keyboard. With that in mind, we went ahead and coded up the first PSP Qwerty keyboard (at least we have seen no others or even heard of others being discussed).

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