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Using Your Performance Test Tools

Using the performance test tool on that project saved us an incredible amount of time and most likely allowed us to do a type of testing we couldn't have done otherwise. The tool's ability to process multiple transactions at once, working behind the GUI, allowed for parallel processing of transactions and time-savings on an order of magnitude. In addition, because the performance tool was able to capture the web response in the HTTP, we were able to compare the end results for the transaction and validate our highest-risk functionality.

Think about your project and some of the testing you're currently doing or would like to be doing. What tools do you have that you might use in a new and interesting way? Many of the tools we have can be used in ways other than the reasons we initially invested in them. When faced with a problem, be sure you don't rule out the best tool for the job, just because it was not marketed for that purpose.

For more information on high-volume test automation and interesting ways to use performance testing tools in general, check out the following resources:

Michael Kelly is a senior consultant for Fusion Alliance, with experience in software development and testing. Mike is currently serving as the program director for the Indianapolis Quality Assurance Association and the membership chair for the Association for Software Testing. You can reach Mike by email at Mike@MichaelDKelly.com.

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