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Fixing Images

I will be the first to admit that I belong to the school of "Take One Hundred Shots and Hope That One Will Be Good." Unfortunately, not all of us have a good eye for an image. And when you do take a good image, you often miss the mark or you get that great red-eye effect with the flash. Adobe PhotoShop Album comes to your help again.

Open the Quick Guide and choose the Fix option. You are presented with three ways in which you can fix your images:

  • Single Click Fix
  • Crop
  • Red Eye

When you make changes to your images, Adobe PhotoShop Album creates a copy of the original and applies the new changes to the new copy. Your original photo is never tampered with or accidentally changed.

Select the photo you want to fix and choose the Single Click Fix option. A new window called Fix Photo opens, as shown in Figure 7. The default view shows you what your photo will look like. You can automatically apply the following effects:

  • Auto Color—this option adjusts and balances the color
  • Auto Levels—this option adjusts and balances shading, etc.
  • Auto Contrast—this option adjusts the contrast levels
  • Sharpen—this option sharpens outlines to areas of your image
Figure 7

Figure 7 Photographs can be touched up quickly.

If you don't like the tweaking, select the Undo button to return to the previous setting.

The Fix Photo window also allows you to crop your photos. When you crop an image, you select the section of the image you want to keep; the rest is deleted (again, this is a copy, not the original photo).

Finally, you can also remove red eye. All you have to do is draw a rectangle around the area of the red eye and select the Apply Red Eye Removal button. As easy as that, the red eye is gone.

If you like what you see, click OK to save your results to the copy of the original image.

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