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Importing Photos into Adobe PhotoShop Album

The first step in the process is to import photos and other digital images into Adobe PhotoShop Album. Select the Get Photos option in the Adobe PhotoShop Album Quick Guide.

The screen that comes up has four options, as shown in Figure 2:

  • Search Hard Drive
  • Camera or Card Reader
  • Scanner
  • File Folders
Figure 2

Figure 2 There are four ways to import images into PhotoShop Album.

If you have not used Adobe PhotoShop Album before, I suggest that you select Search Hard Drive to find all files that can be imported into Adobe PhotoShop Album. When you select this option, a new window pops up that allows you to search your computer's hard drives. This window is called Get Photos By Searching for Folders (see Figure 3).

Figure 3

Figure 3 The Get Photos By Searching for Folders window locates all folders on your computer that contain images.

The Get Photos By Searching for Folders window is much smarter than many competing products on the market. Most "search for appropriate files" importers look for every type of file on your computer. However, your computer is already filled with lots of bitmaps and images that you do not want in your Adobe PhotoShop Albums. To get around this, the Adobe PhotoShop Album importer ignores files smaller than a specified size (the default is 100Kb) and does not search Systems files on your computer. You can direct which hard drive you store your images on.

After you specify the search, you can run it. Very quickly, a catalog of all the folders that contain images will be created. You can select an image to preview it; you can choose to important all images; you can even choose to only import specific images. Adobe PhotoShop Album then imports all the images. At this point, you can move onto the next step: organizing your images.

If you have a digital camera, you can import the images from the camera into Adobe PhotoShop Album. Selecting the Import button opens the Get Photos from Camera or Card Reader, which allows you to import files from camera, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Figure 4 Importing images from a digital camera is a snap!

Similarly, an image from a scanner can be imported directly into Adobe PhotoShop Album. Simply choose the Scanner option from Get Photos, which will step you through the process of importing images from your scanner.

An entire folder of images can be imported with the File Folders option from Get Photos. This import process allows you to search for folders of images on your hard drive. You can select groups of images and import them directly into Adobe PhotoShop Album.

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