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Implementation and Rollout

My advice to clients is to adopt a methodology implementation incrementally. If you're not already using a very similar approach, trying to adopt the complete process all at once will be overwhelming, unmanageable, and likely to fail. Smaller steps have a much greater success rate.

Consider implementing a pilot project. Allow for three months or more of testing so that IT will learn what works and what doesn't and staff can become comfortable with the methodology. Customizing and fine-tuning of the methodology and the project(s) at this point help to ensure that business needs will be met and goals are achievable.

Following is a high-level breakdown of the management process for releasing a methodology.

These are the goals of release management:

  • Manage and implement software methodology successfully
  • Manage and mitigate risks associated with the release
  • Release software projects in an orderly, structured manner

These are the high-level tasks for release management:

  • Negotiate an agreement on the content of the release with end users. Publish the release charter. Define the increments and the iteration process.
  • Select staff and project teams to accomplish the release.
  • Assess the progress of releases and test results. Check metrics and quality. Compile final metrics.
  • Communicate to all concerned within the corporation—both good news and bad news.
  • Manage the release implementation and migration to production.
  • Evaluate the release after implementation and document lessons learned.
  • Complete any fine-tuning or customization before production release. Test again.
  • Complete all training and production management.
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