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Information Security Challenge Summary

The Internet is a powerful tool for businesses today, and it is important to understand the inherit security risks when leveraging this technology. The Internet was based on ubiquitous communications between trusted parties that does not exist today now that the number of users has grown to hundreds of millions. Major challenges exist today that businesses must consider when leveraging the Internet, and this chapter provided some insight into the importance of including information security in your future business strategy.

These risks will not go away, and successful companies will adopt strategies to minimize them and offer unique solutions to their customers. Information security can be used as a strategic differentiator, especially in a global economy that conducts more business electronically. Secure business systems are a value-added selling tool in an increasingly savvy and cautious customer base. It is much better to incorporate some basic information security principles in your business operations rather than delegating these activities to your IT department and hoping that they adequately address them.

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