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As mentioned in the introduction, "All About the Cisco Certified Security Professional Certification," you have two choices for review questions. The questions that follow give you a bigger challenge than the exam itself by using an open-ended question format. By reviewing now with this more difficult question format, you can exercise your memory better and prove your conceptual and factual knowledge of this chapter. The answers to these questions are found in Appendix A.

For more practice with examlike question formats, including questions using a router simulator and multiple-choice questions, use the exam engine on the CD-ROM.

  1. What systems are in the Campus module of the small IP telephony blueprint?

  2. Why do PC-based IP phones violate the axiom "Data and voice segmentation is key"?

  3. What considerations given to production servers in the data segment also should be provided to the voice servers in the voice segment?

  4. What is the best way to control the voice and data segment interaction?

  5. What are some of the specific attack-mitigation details that are especially applicable to an IP telephony deployment?

  6. What are some of the services provided by the voice-enabled firewall/router in the Corporate Internet module of the small IP telephony design?

  7. What are the key network devices in the Campus module of the medium-sized IP telephony blueprint, and what are their functions?

  8. What is the primary function of the Campus module of the medium-sized IP telephony blueprint?

  9. What is the purpose of placing a NIDS between the voice and data segments of the network?

  10. How is resiliency provided in the Server module of the large IP telephony design?

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