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Installing DHCP and WINS Services

This section covers installing the DHCP and WINS services on the sub-domain controllers. These services are essential to support the client network so they do not have any problem accessing the client network. In this process, we first install the services for both DHCP and WINS, and then we configure them to provide the required services. For the time being, we only configure the DHCP servers to service the subnet and import the scopes from the legacy DHCP servers (should we need to) after the implementation is released to production.

The process of installing the DHCP and WINS service is as follows:

  1. While keeping the standby DHCP server going, provide a static IP address for HQSDC01 and HQSDC02. These addresses can be the ones that were originally assigned these servers during the creation of the sub-domain. Notice that we are not going to install DHCP on the root domain controllers. Ensure that these addresses cannot be obtained by other clients on the network. This is achieved by reserving a range of IP addresses for static assignment.

  2. Install the DHCP and WINS service from the Windows Components facility on both HQSDC01 and HQSDC02. The files required for the installation can be obtained from the \STDINST\i386 directory on the installation server we discussed at the beginning of this chapter.

  3. Upon completion of the installation of the DHCP servers, authorize both servers in Active Directory. This can be done in the root domain using the DHCP console. Log on to the root domain as the Administrator. This operation requires Enterprise Administrator credentials, which the root Administrator has.

  4. On HQSDC01 only, create a scope called "Server Subnet" with the parameters listed in Table 6.8. Upon creation of the scope, ensure the scope is deactivated (the default upon creation is deactivated). To deactivate the scope, right-click the scope name and select Deactivate.

  5. Table 6.8 DHCP Server Settings



    Scope Name

    Server subnet (for example,

    Scope to

    Exclusion to

    003 Router

    015 DNS Server,

    044 WINS/NBNS Servers,

    015 DNS Domain Name


    046 WINS/NBT Node Type


As soon as the scope has been configured according to the values in Table 6.8, you can deactivate and stop the DHCP service on the installation server. After this service is offline, you can activate the scope on HQSDC01. First, however, you should create the superscope as outlined here:

  1. To create the superscope, select the server icon (HQSDC01) and right-click.

  2. Select New Superscope and click Next.

  3. Provide a name for the superscope. You can name it something like HQ on HQSDC01. Click Next (do not add the word "Superscope" to the name because Windows adds it anyway).

  4. Add the HQ scopes this server is hosting to the superscope.

  5. Click Next and then Finish to create the superscope.

At this point, there are no other scopes to configure on the server. There is also no WINS server configuration required at this time. However, after setting up the DHCP servers, DHCP server HQSDC02 must be configured to offer the legacy scopes that might be migrated from any legacy DHCP servers on a preexisting network. To migrate the scopes (from a Windows 2000 or Server 2003 machine), you need to export the DHCP settings from the legacy server that is being replaced by HQSDC02. This can be achieved as follows:

  1. Run DhcpExim.exe (this tool is available on the CD that accompanies the Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit; it can also be downloaded from Microsoft) against the DHCP server from which you are exporting.

  2. In the DhcpExim dialog box that loads, select the option Export Configuration of the Local Service to a File.

  3. In the DHCPEXIM Export to a File dialog box, enter the file name and location to save the file, then click OK.

  4. In the DhcpExim Export dialog box, select all the scopes on the list to migrate; ensure you select to migrate all the settings on the server. Do not select the Disable the Selected Scopes on the Local Machine Before Export option because the scopes are needed to continue service for a few weeks after the export.

  5. Click OK and wait for the message "The operation was completed successfully."

  6. Copy the exported file to media that can be installed onto the installation server on the isolated network. You cannot download the setting through any network connection between the old DHCP server and the new one.

  7. To import the settings into HQSDC02 where the second DHCP server is running, open the command console and enter the command netsh DHCP server import <path to export file> all.

Confirm the import of the scopes into the HQSDC02 and then place them under the superscope called Legacy for HQ site, creating the superscope as demonstrated earlier. For WINS, ensure the WINS services are installed on both child domain controllers; however, only activate the WINS server on the DC that is not holding the PDC role. Ensure the superscope is deactivated until needed.

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