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Upon installation of the support server to the isolated network, proceed to the installation procedures.

  1. Rack and stack your servers in the production racks or on the data center floor with access to the isolated network.

  2. Power up the support/installation server.

  3. Log on to the installation server as Administrator on the isolated subnet.

  4. Reset the Administrator password.

  5. Change the IP configuration to statically assigned addressing.

  6. Assign the IP address of (on a /22 subnet where the space is reserved for the data center servers).

  7. Assign the same IP address as the gateway and DNS.

  8. Install DHCP and configure the new scope for the subnet (see Table 6.3).

At this point, the installation and provisioning of the support server is complete.

Table 6.3 Example Configuration of DHCP on the Support Server



Excluded Range

Default Gateway




NA to



After the DHCP server has been installed on the support server, reserve IP addresses for the root domain controllers. This ensures the root DCs obtain the correct IP addresses as soon as their IP configuration is changed from static addressing to DHCP-assigned.

One note to consider before we move on: The subnet we have used here will provide sufficient addresses to meet the needs of a high availabilty network. Don't short change yourself with IP addresses. You should be good to go with a subnet that provides more than a thousand IP addresses. High availability systems use a lot of IP addresses. A typical two-node cluster should be allocated a block of about 24 addresses for future expansion.

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