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Step 3: Sync the iPod

Now that you've created your iPhoto album and corresponding iTunes playlist, you need to get them onto your iPod.

Put the iPod in its dock. It should appear in the Source list in the iTunes window. Click the iPod to select it and then click the Display iPod Options button near the lower-right corner of the window. The iPod preferences pane appears.

Click the Music button to display iTunes options (see Figure 4). There are three ways to handle synchronization between iTunes and your iPod:

  • Automatically update all songs and playlists. Use this option if you want to copy all songs and playlists from iTunes to your iPod. In the old days, when I only had 5GB of space on my iPod, I couldn't use this option because I had too many songs. But now, with 40GB and only 2,500 songs, I have plenty of room, so I use this option.

  • Automatically update selected playlists only. This option enables you to toggle checkboxes beside each playlist you want to copy to your iPod. If you use this option, be sure to turn on the checkbox for the playlist you created for your slide show.

  • Manually manage songs and playlists. This option requires you to drag songs or playlists from the song or source lists to the iPod icon in the source list to manage the songs. I've done this trick, and it's a pain in the neck. But you might prefer it.

Figure 4Figure 4 Set Music options in the iPod preferences pane.

When you're finished choosing one of these options and toggling checkboxes (if necessary), click the Photos button to display iPhoto options (see Figure 5). Turn on the Synchronize Photos From checkbox and choose iPhoto from the pop-up menu. The dialog box should display a list of all your albums, with the number of photos in each album appearing beside each album name. You have two choices:

  • Copy all photos and albums. This option copies all your iPhoto photos and albums. Try this option if you have enough room on your iPod to fit all your photos. (I do.) If you don't have enough room for all the photos, photos will be copied, album by album, in the order in which albums appear in the list. You can drag an album higher in the list to give it a higher priority. I recommend giving higher priority to the album you created for your slide show.

  • Copy selected albums only. This option enables you to select the albums to copy. To select more than one album, hold down the Command key while clicking each one. (Why Apple didn't put checkboxes in this list baffles me, since they have checkboxes in another pane of the same dialog box.) Be sure to include the album you created for your slide show.

Figure 5Figure 5 Set Photo options.

Click OK to save your Music and Photos settings and dismiss the iPod preferences pane. iTunes will automatically sync your iPod with iTunes and iPhoto according to your settings.

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