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Using Cookie Cutter Designs

Although every site differs and a survey for each site should be considered, you might be able to use a cookie cutter approach in some cases. Consider, for example, a chain of small auto-parts stores (see Figure 8-8). These stores are built in a very similar manner and are all about the same size. They also contain very similar products, arranged in a similar way. A single AP positioned in almost any location provides adequate coverage for a store. After you have determined this fact (by a survey), you can establish specific guidelines regarding AP placement and make deployment much simpler.

Figure 8Figure 8-8 Cookie Cutter Design for Auto-Parts Store

In contrast, consider a WLAN deployment for a department store chain. Although the stores might look similar, they vary in both size and content arrangement. In this case, if you were to follow a cookie cutter approach, you would likely end up with some stores having a poorly working WLAN system (and hence a site visit to redesign and reinstall the WLAN). You can avoid this scenario by conducting a thorough survey up front for every store.

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