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Adding Another Datasource

To add another datasource to a JBoss configuration, you create a new configuration file. I want to create a datasource that will connect to my locally hosted MySQL database and specifically use the example database. To do this, I create another configuration file similar to the one shown earlier:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Here I create a datasource named ExampleDS that connects to a MySQL database via JDBC, using the username exampleUser and the password examplePassword. I've specified that the connection pool will have a minimum of 5 connections but not more than 20, and that these connections will never go idle. I then save this file in the deploy directory as example-ds.xml. (The filename isn't important, but it's helpful to be consistent.)

Because my new datasource doesn't need or depend on any other modules, there's no <depends> tag. And because I'm specifying the username and password for the database in this file, I don't need to reference a security domain.

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