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Learning from the Success and Mistakes of Others

Unlike learning from our own experiences, people are better at learning from the successes and mistakes of others. This book is based on extensive empirical research4 and on hundreds of case histories from interviews, consulting, seminars, and workshops.5 The chapters in this book are filled with the housing experiences of real people.

You will quickly learn the winning factors that you can apply to your own circumstances. The housing experiences and problems from actual case histories also illustrate how far-reaching housing decision problems are. Whether or not you are in the same situation as the people whose stories you read in this book, you can become better acquainted with yourself and recognize others you know as well.

You will feel more confident about any type of housing decision you face, even if you must make that decision only once or twice in your lifetime. You will be able to extend the money you have to spend on a house, help an older relative who must solve a housing dilemma, maximize your desirability to a mortgage lender, help a young adult move out of the nest, and deal with every aspect of a housing transaction with less stress and much more self-assurance.

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