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Changing the Replication Agent's Profile Parameters

There are two ways to change the parameters for a replication agent: by creating a new profile or by overriding the default values by specifying parameters with the job. To create a new profile, right-click the agent in question, choose Agent Profiles, and then click the New Profile button. The dialog box of the new profile looks like the following figure.

Figure 3Figure 3

The new profile you just created has default values populated automatically; however, you can override these values. You can also specify the name and description for the new profile. Once you're done creating the profile, you must stop and restart the agent before the new profile takes effect.

The second way to override the default values is to specify the new values within the job that runs the agent. For example, you could run the distribution agent with the following values:

-Publisher [publisher_server] 
-PublisherDB [pubs] 
-Distributor [distribution_server] 
-SubscriptionType 1 
-Subscriber [subscriber_server] 
-SubscriberSecurityMode 0 
-SubscriberLogin [my_login] 
-SubscriberEncryptedPassword [************] 
-SubscriberDB [pubs]  
-HistoryVerboseLevel 1
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