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Hooking Up an HTiB System

One of the things that most consumers like about an HTiB package is how easy it is to set up. Because you have a single component for amplification, control, and DVD/CD playback, there aren't a lot of cables to run. Even the speakers are easy to connect in most systems, thanks to color-coded cables.

  1. After you remove the system from the box, place the main control unit on top of or next to your television set, and run a video cable from the control unit to your TV so you can view your DVDs. You can use an S-video cable (typically supplied); or invest in red, green, and blue component video cables for a better picture from a progressive-scan DVD player.

  2. Run right and left audio cables from your TV to the control unit. This will enable you to listen to television programming over your multiple-speaker home theater system.

  3. Position and connect all the speakers. The front speakers are easy enough; position the left front and right front speakers on either side of your TV, and place the center front speaker on top of or directly beneath your television. The two surround speakers are a bit more challenging; you should position them to the sides or slightly to the rear of your main listening/viewing position. Running the speaker wires presents the main challenge: You may need to run the wires under a carpet, or route them through an attic or crawlspace.

  4. Once all the connections are made, plug in and turn on the main control unit, and get ready to experience a true home theater—in your living room.

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