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1.3 Chapter Summary

In this chapter we began with an easy example of applied cryptography. The three purposes served by the example are:

  1. Showing the effectiveness of cryptography in problem solving

  2. Aiming for a fundamental understanding of cryptography

  3. Emphasizing the importance of non-textbook aspects of security

They form the main topics to be developed in the rest of this book.

We then conducted a series of discussions which served the purpose for an initial background and cultural introduction to the areas of study. Our discussions in these directions are by no means of complete. Several other authors have also conducted extensive study on principles, guidelines and culture for the areas of cryptography and information security. The following books form good further reading material: Schneier [254], Gollmann [129] and Anderson [14]. Schneier's monthly distributed "Crypto-Gram Newsletters" are also good reading material. To subscribe for receiving the newsletters, send an email to schneier@counterpane.com.

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