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To test the system, I begin 3D gaming for an hour to let the water temperature equilibrate. Figure 4 shows a snapshot of the CPU temperatures during extended gaming, measured by Motherboard Monitor software.

Figure 4Figure 4 The passive radiator keeps our system surprisingly cool, even during 3D gaming—without a noisy cooling fan!

With ambient room air temperature at 28 degrees centigrade, the temperature inside the case is slightly higher: 33 degrees. Even with intense gaming, the CPU temperature stays around 41 degrees—well within safe tolerance. This is very good, considering that we're using no fans on the radiator! We have successfully built our passive convection CPU water cooler—with style, and without breaking the bank. Now, if I can only get this written up and on the editor's desk by deadline...

In the meantime, please contact me with any questions at contact@airscanner.com.

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