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Event 3: Understand the Content of the Web Document

Contestant, please take this web document and correctly break it down into pieces. We want to know whether you can cope with fancy web pages.

This event is about handling tags, scripts, and other web content, otherwise called parsing. Parsing can be a messy treasure hunt and a chaotic balancing act of special-case processing. Because all the various standards are extensible, any contestant can declare special extra features. Contestants have to meet the standards (gaining points), but they also have to cope with each others' special features (no points there, but also no choice).

Event 3 Results









Internet Explorer


More than in any other event, this one has a degree of subjective judging. As in the Olympic 20-kilometer walk, a few tiny missteps will take you into oblivion. Opera and KHTML both clearly document a few unaddressed standard features, therefore earning 0.9, and both respect Mozilla as the best contestant to date, thus 0.99. Internet Explorer has many unusual features, and although eyebrows might rise at its habit of putting XML data islands inside SGML-based HTML, or for going beyond the special rules allowing XHTML parsing as HTML, it also gathers 0.9 here. Parsing is too gray an area to be handing out brickbats willy-nilly.

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