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  1. Why Bookmark?
  2. Telling Your Reader Where To Go
  3. Cross-Referencing Bookmarks Invisibly
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Cross-Referencing Bookmarks Invisibly

You can cross-reference bookmarks as easily as you can headings or figures. This not only allows you to send your readers jumping from one reference to another (as if they had entered one of those web sites that promise information but only give links), but it allows you to create a table of bookmarks for your own use—very spiffy for those documents that contain pesky paragraphs throughout the text that require periodic updates.

I like to create this kind of table in a separate page at the very end of the document. Here's how to make the list:

  1. On the Insert menu, select Reference, Cross-Reference.

  2. Select Bookmark in the Reference Type list and Bookmark Text in the Insert Reference To list.

  3. Click each bookmark in the list that you want in your table.

  4. Select the Insert as Hyperlink check box and then click Close.

The resulting bookmark list may not look all that great—all right, it looks terrible—but no one will see it because you're going to select it and make it hidden text by choosing Format, Font to open the Font dialog box, clicking the Font tab, and selecting the Hidden option. Then you can click the Show/Hide button (see Figure 6) on the Standard toolbar to show and hide the text as necessary. Naturally, you'll want to see the list as you begin to make your updates.

Figure 6Figure 6

Putting your cursor in front of the first item on the list, press F11. Hold down the Ctrl key, and click your bookmarks one at a time to jump to each one. Make changes as needed and then return to the table after each fix by clicking Ctrl+End. When you're finished, hide the text again and close the document.

Then smile cheerfully into the puzzled frowns of your coworkers, who will wonder how you finish updates so much faster than they do.

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