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Why Is Autonomic Computing Important?

Why is autonomic computing becoming important today? The cost of technology continues to decrease, yet overall IT costs don't. With the expense challenges that many companies face, IT managers are looking for ways to improve the return on investment of IT by reducing total cost of ownership, improving quality of service, accelerating time to value, and managing IT complexity. E-business is a reality, and outages are proving to be expensive and embarrassing.

Costs are also rising dramatically. In the 1990s, approximately 80% of the cost of major computer systems revolved around hardware and software acquisitions, according to IBM studies. Now the human expenses are roughly equal to equipment costs. If nothing changes, the human costs will double that of equipment in the next five to six years.

Adding to this complexity is the proliferation of heterogeneous vendor and technology environments, which require the components of a given solution to be integrated and customized into unique customer business processes. The increased need to distribute data, applications, and system resources across geographic/national and business boundaries further contributes to the complexity of the IT infrastructure. This additional complexity keeps the costs of managing (deploying, tuning, fixing, securing) the IT infrastructure very high and continuing to grow exponentially.

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