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Where Should You Begin?

If you want to try out a few common fields, you can create a title page template that includes title, author, date of most recent printing, and filename. Here's how you go about it.

First, let's set up the document properties:

  1. Choose File, Properties to open the Properties dialog box.

  2. On the Summary tab, enter the information you want to use for the title and author.


You might not need to enter the document title; Word pulls this information into the Properties dialog box from whatever text you have marked with the style Heading 1.

Now we'll create a title page with fields:

  1. Open a blank Word document, using any template you like.

  2. Choose Format, Paragraph to open the Paragraph dialog box.

  3. Under Alignment, choose Centered. For Spacing, type 250 in the Before field. Click OK.

  4. Choose Insert, Field to display the Field dialog box.

  5. Under Field Names choose Title, and then click OK. The title that you specified for the document will be displayed as the result of the field. Press Enter.

  6. Choose Format, Paragraph to open the Paragraph dialog box. For Spacing, type 24 in the Before field. Click OK.

  7. Type the word by and press Enter.

  8. Choose Insert, Field to display the Field dialog box. Under Field Names, choose Author, and click OK.

  9. Press Enter.

  10. Repeat these steps to enter the PrintDate and FileName fields. Notice that you can select a format for the date.

Depending on your entries, your result will look something like the information shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3Figure 3

The date will continue to appear as formatting only until you print the document.

If you save and use this document as a template, it will fill the Title and Author fields from the Properties dialog box of each new document that you launch, not what you typed in the Properties box when you created the template.


How does Word know your name? You (or someone else) specified it at installation or in the Options dialog box. If you want to change the user info for future documents, choose Tools, Options, click the User Information tab, and make your changes there.

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