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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Review Questions

  1. What is a routing domain from BGP's perspective? How is this different from a routing domain within IS-IS?

  2. What are the two primary differences between an interior gateway protocol and an external gateway protocol?

  3. What types of policies would you normally see implemented through BGP?

  4. What does BGP use the path information it carries through the network for?

  5. Why does BGP treat each autonomous system as a point on the connectivity graph? What does this imply about BGP's usefulness within an autonomous system?

  6. What transport does BGP use to build a session to another BGP speaker? What local port number and remote port number does BGP use when initiating a connection?

  7. How is a collision between two BGP speakers attempting to open a connection at the same time resolved?

  8. Define a prefix, NLRI, and attribute.

  9. How many sets of attributes can a single BGP update contain? How many prefixes?

  10. What are the four primary differences between eBGP peering relationships and iBGP peering relationships?

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